I really can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done!

Lubna is incredible! I suffered from severe chronic hives for months and while doctors/allergists said that I would have to take daily antihistamines for months/years, Lubna was able to identify my triggers within a matter of weeks and strengthen my overall gut health so if I have a trigger food, the reaction is minimal, if at all (I also unintentionally lost 10lbs through the process!). Not only did the outcomes far exceed my expectations, but working with Lubna was an absolute pleasure. I was really discouraged when I started this journey, as I thought hives was something I would have to live with, but it was Lubna’s motivation and ongoing support that really got me through the process and feeling great again. She’s very knowledgeable and responsive when I had any questions, and she was able to adapt plans/recipes to fit my lifestyle (I’m a busy mom of a toddler and baby). I’m so thankful for all that she’s done – I can finally live without hives!

Thank you Lubna

Lubna is very knowledgeable and professional. I appreciated the services and it helped me understand how to have a better lifestyle. Thanks to Lubna I learned a lot on how our food choices have an impact on our daily life.

Thank you for understanding my limitations and helping me achieve my goal.

I’m so happy that I made the choice of plunging into a commitment to choose a healthier life – style. Initially my reason for making this choice was because I wanted to lose weight. At 63 years old when losing even an ounce is a challenge, your personalized plan helped me not only to lose weight but provide me with steps on how to get energy through the day. The weekly consultation helped me to stay on task, which included on how to make a balanced meal plan (with easy delicious recipe) and eating without feeling deprived of all the goodies. Your detailed explanation of the science behind eating right educated me to understand my body and make the right choices. It is not easy to break old habits but being with “only one you” encouraged me to do it for ME.

I want to thank you for understanding my limitations and helping me achieve my goal. With the help of your guidelines I have made a promise to myself to ensure that I will try to stay on task and keep up with the new ME and move forward to maintain it.

Clear results and from my perspective easy to sustain

At the outset, my experience with Only One You Nutrition has far exceeded my expectations. Starting from the get-go, I was impressed and convinced by the scientific and methodical approach to understanding my issues, concerns, limitations, and circumstances. Not only do I feel much healthier, stronger, and happier, I am significantly more knowledgeable and aware of my body and dietary needs. This program has not only helped me but will hopefully help me keep my family healthier as I am now fully equipped to understand dietary and lifestyle implications. Lubna’s practical approach to recommending options whilst taking into account my family circumstances makes this program sustainable without undue effort at my end whilst at the same time achieving the results it sets out to achieve without compromise. I enjoyed working with the tools and templates used by Only One You Nutrition and allowed me to be accessible to Lubna at all times. A few days ago, it felt really good when I reached for the hole in my belt to fasten my belt and I realized that there were no holes left as I had lost at least two inches around the waist! Clear results and from my perspective easy to sustain because Lubna has made it feel effortless. Thanks, Lubna! I should have done this a long time ago! Although, better late, than never!

Thank you Lubna for your patient guidance!

Growing older is never easy! Every decade I notice changes in my body, but once I turned 50 and became perimenopausal it was a whole different story. I developed heartburn, bloating, eczema and high cholesterol, just to name a few. I love my Doctor, but all the meds seemed like a band-aid. Nothing was ever “cured”, only temporarily relieved. The approach seemed to be: treat the ailment, then treat the side-effects, and rinse and repeat endlessly.

Having seen my dad take a cocktail of daily medications, the list of which seemed ever growing, I wanted to see if there was an alternative. My philosophy became to try and start with the basics: what exactly am I putting in my body, and how is it helping or hurting me? Enter Lubna Sadik, owner and Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Only One You Nutrition!

Lubna’s thorough evaluation of my symptoms through complex worksheets, interviews and observation resulted in a plan that within WEEKS transformed how I felt. I found I had more energy, a brighter disposition and a positive attitude that kept me looking forward to each new day, empowered to meet my goals and objectives! It turns out, in my case, that I didn’t need any special medications, just the right food and carefully considered supplements have made all the difference. It is quite remarkable what the right diet can do.

My issues are unique to me and Lubna provided the customized education, plan and tools that have taught me how to eat. Thank you Lubna for your patient guidance!

I have my Only One You Nutrition plan and I’m so grateful!

After years – actually most of my adult life – of struggling with weight, I found Lubna, owner and Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Only One You Nutrition.

For those of us who struggle with weight, we have likely read the equivalent of more than 1,000 books worth of weight loss and nutrition information. Most of us know things like the importance of eating vegetables and proper hydration. However, there is so much more to it than that.

It’s about learning to know yourself and your body. That’s where Lubna provides life-changing guidance. The holistic nutrition plan she created is for me – based on my biology, my lifestyle, my goals. This is not a diet! This is not temporary. This is about learning how to eat, sleep and live healthy for the rest of your life. And as long as you are committed, as she says on her website, it works! Lubna will empower you to the best of her ability to follow the plan. She’s smart and driven and her energy will drive you forward.

Twelve weeks later, I feel great. Yes, I’ve lost weight (12 lbs and counting). I have far fewer headaches, more energy and sleeping better than I have in years. Now, I don’t google anything about food, weight, or health. I have my Only One You Nutrition plan and I’m so grateful!

I cannot thank Lubna at Only One You Nutrition enough!